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When the Lights Go Out, You Will Be So Happy You Have a Flashlight.

Whether you might encounter a power outage, a natural disaster, or a manmade disaster, a little prep will go a long way. I like flashlights and extra batteries. Also high on the list is drinking water and a basic first aid kit. Some people call all of this stuff in one place, a “go kit.”

Here are links to a few excellent national resources. Look for this same information at your state, county, and local level - where you live and work. The name of the agency who handles this kind of thing is sometimes called an Office of Homeland Security or Office of Emergency Management.

If you have difficulty finding a local preparedness resource, ask a first responder.

If you have a question, please use the Contact Form and I will do my best to help.

Homeland Security Distinguished from Homeland Defense

This is a difficult question that will not submit to a short answer. Here is the best I have found.

“HS describes the intersection of evolving threats and hazards with traditional governmental and civic responsibilities for civil defense, emergency response, law enforcement, customs, border control, and immigration.”

However, as a distributed system, no single entity has the mission to directly manage all aspects of HS. From Joint Publication 3-28, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” 31 July 2013. Read Here

Everyone is a Component. Everything is Important

Homeland security has many components and they are all critical. For example, no matter what type of incident, whether it is a storm, earthquake, flood, tornado, man-made disaster such as a train wreck with deadly chemicals aboard, or terrorism, without communications, information cannot reach decision-makers and direction cannot be conveyed to the people in the position to take action. Without good information, those in charge will not know the best actions to take, regardless of whether they can communicate. Without trained, prepared, and properly equipped responders to take action, communication and intelligence are meaningless.

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