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You may think of estate planning as a means of carrying out your wishes and providing for your family after your death, but it can also be beneficial when it comes to making decisions while you are still living. You may find yourself in a situation in which you need someone to act on your behalf, either because you are away on vacation, incapacitated, or simply unable to attend to all important decisions on your own.

In these cases, a power of attorney can be a useful tool. At The Law Office of Martin Alperen, we can help you create a legally valid power of attorney that grants decision-making authority to someone you trust. We will bring our services to you at a convenient time and place to make estate planning stress-free and accessible.

How Does Power of Attorney Work in California?

When you create a power of attorney, you grant someone else the ability to make decisions for you with the same authority as you have. In this relationship, you are known as the principal, and the person you designate is known as the attorney-in-fact. Despite the title, your attorney-in-fact does not have to be a legal professional. Rather, it should be someone close to you whom you trust fully, such as an adult family member, a friend, or a business partner.

It is up to you how much decision-making power you want to grant to your attorney-in-fact. You may choose to establish a limited power of attorney that lasts for a short period of time or that grants decision-making authority for one specific act or type of act. On the other hand, you can choose to grant a general power of attorney authorizing your attorney-in-fact to make a wide range of decisions, or a durable power of attorney, which continues even after you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions yourself.

Decisions Included in a San Francisco Power of Attorney

In California, powers of attorney can include decision-making authority in three major categories:

  • Business and property: You can grant your attorney-in-fact the ability to make many decisions related to your property and assets, including buying and selling, making bank transactions, paying bills, filing taxes, signing contracts, trading stocks, establishing trusts, and more.
  • Personal care: When you give your attorney-in-fact authority to make decisions regarding your personal care, he or she can decide on your living situation, nutrition, transportation, and recreation, and can also handle your mail or hire employees to assist with your care.
  • Health care: A power of attorney for health care falls under an advanced health care directive, and it allows your attorney-in-fact to make decisions regarding your medical treatment. These are treated differently from other powers of attorney under California law, in that they are always durable and only take effect upon your incapacitation.

To create a power of attorney, you can work with our office to draft one, or you can complete a form provided by the State of California. When completing the document, you should be sure to state the decisions for which you are granting authority, and if you choose, a date or circumstance upon which the power of attorney will be terminated. We will answer any questions you have and help you complete the document correctly.

Contact a Bay Area Lawyer for Power of Attorney

Attorney Martin Alperen can advise you on your decision to establish a power of attorney and ensure that you follow the correct procedures. Contact us today at 415-534-1200 to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas, including the East Bay, the North Bay, the Peninsula, Berkeley, Oakland, Marin County, and Alameda County.

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